BC's First Craft Beer Subscription Service

Drink. Good. Beer

Drink. Good. Beer

Here on the west coast, we have some of the best craft beer available in the world. With pure water sources, fresh local grain and hops, and brewmasters willing to experiment with unique flavours and styles, it's never been a better time to be a craft beer drinker. ​ Pint Post was created to bring the best BC has to offer direct to your door. No hassle, no commitment, great beer.


  • Premium BC Craft Beer

    Every month we source the best craft beer BC has to offer.

  • Direct Home Delivery

    We offer delivery to your home or office, fresh beer direct to your door!

  • Flexible Payment

    Pause or cancel your subscription at any time, no commitment or cancellation fees.

  • Exclusive Partnership

    Our exclusive partnership with Legacy Liquor allows us to source product from across the province.

Pint Post: BC's First Craft Beer Subscription Service

With over 120 BC craft breweries and growing, it's nearly impossible to try everything on the market. Even for the most dedicated craft beer enthusiast, it would take well over a year drinking one beer a day to try everything! Pint Post takes the guess work out, by having our craft beer experts deliver the best BC craft beer every month direct to your door.

Pint Post is also proud to be working with Legacy Liquor Store in providing the best craft beer BC has to offer. This partnership offers us the ability to work with more brewers across the province and source unique seasonal craft beer.


What can I expect each month?

Each month we source a selection of BC craft beer based on the season and availability. Personal subscriptions receive approximately 2 litres of craft beer along with tasting notes. Business accounts receive approximately 8 litres.

Can I pre-select what is in the box?

Part of the enjoyment of Pint Post is being open to the experience of trying new and exciting craft beer that you may not even be aware of. While we know that not every beer is going to be your favourite, the hope is through this experience you get an opportunity to learn more about the craft beer culture in BC and what your own unique tastes are like.

What if I don't want a box that month?

We try our best to offer something unique each month, but totally understand that there are going to be months that you may want to pause or go on holiday. In your account you can pause your subscription at any time before billing and resume whenever you like. You can also cancel your subscription at anytime at no cost.

What breweries are involved?

There are well over 120 breweries in BC and growing! We are working hard to source craft beer from as many as possible in the hopes you’ll end up with beer you may not have even heard of. Basically if a brewery bottles or cans, we’ve got them in our sights.

How does delivery works?

Packages are delivered around the middle of every month. Depending on your location we use Canada Post or Fedex to ensure your delivery is on time. Shipping is included in the price, with exception of communities that require additional shipping fees. We do require a signature upon delivery by an adult over the age of 19; if you're unavailable during delivery hours, your package will be left at the nearest pickup office.

What does your partnership with Legacy mean?

We are very proud to be working with Legacy Liquor in offering the best craft beer available. Our partnership means we can access more craft beer, provide more value and tap into more expertise than before. Simply put, you'll be seeing more opportunities for unique craft beer delivered to your door.

How can you do this?

Through our partnership with Legacy, all direct sales go through a licensed distributor. We then offer our customers this service with the addition of delivery and handling fees.

What is your return policy?

We will accept any damaged product at full refund or ship you a replacement, if you have an issue with any shipped product please contact us at info@pintpost.com and we will be sure to deal with the damaged product as soon as possible.

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