April's Offering- Taste of Spring

April was all about putting the cold weather behind us and embracing the new flavours of spring. While the actual weather may not have made us feel very springlike, the beers of the month were reflective of exactly that: light, fruity and crisp.

Red Racer- Lemon Groove

A brand new seasonal offering from Central City, the Lemon Groove is a single hopped golden ale using the Lemon Drop hop. Naturally, this beer is meant to reflect notes of lemon and lemon peel, and is moderately bitter. It's about as close to radler a beer can get without adding any juice.

Four Winds- La Maison Saision

Four Winds has gotten particularly good at creating different takes on French style beer, and that is well reflected in the La Maison Saison. This wild yeast beer is light, crisp and dry. With the addition of spelt grains it takes on a slight peppery taste which adds to the complexity of this very sessionable offering.

Fernie Brewing- What the Huck Huckleberry Wheat Ale

Fernie Brewing does an excellent job of capitalizing on their local ingredients, and What the Huck utilizes local huckleberries to create a fruit ale unlike any you've tried. In fact, forget you're pre-conceived notions of fruit beer going into this, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with what Fernie has created.

Stay tuned next month for a recap on May's box which will showcase the true diversity of BC's hop varieties.


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