BC Craft Beer Experts You Should Be Following

One of the best things about BC's craft beer industry is how supportive everyone is; from breweries to bloggers, the entire culture is built around a healthy ecosystem of encouragement and shared interest. In that spirit, we wanted to share our knowledge of some of the best local bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, etc. who are dedicated to BC craft beer and are sharing the love with their readers.

Beer Me BC

Beer Me BC is an excellent resource for craft beer news and reviews, and probably one of the most active craft beer blog sites available in BC. The team has a good palate when it comes to beer reviews, and there are often contests for tickets to local beer events.

The Growler

Another excellent resource for news around the industry, The Growler is not only online but they also publish a beautiful quarterly magazine (which Pint Post members may recognize from previous boxes!).

Mike's Craft Beer Blog

Mike's blog is pretty simple, reviewing one BC craft beer at a time. He's a dedicated beer judge (and drinker) and is another lover of BC beer that has a well defined palate and isn't afraid to be critical of a beer he thinks needs improvement. He also has a podcast called 'pacific beer chat'.

The Beerd Show

These guys may just be starting out, but they have a fun Youtube channel that explores various BC breweries and events. Give them some love!

The Beer Birds

Who says craft beer lovers are just men? That foolish notion is fully disputed by the Beer Birds, a group of beer loving women sharing news and reviews of BC craft beer from around the province.


Another local source for BC craft beer news and recommendation. This blog also peppers in spirits and cocktail recipes for a little extra diversity.

Joe Weibe

The Thirsty Writer himself, Joe is an author and advocate for everything BC craft beer related. 

Jan Zeschky

Vancouver Sun's own beer writer, Jan is a certified Cicerone which is no small feat; he's just as active as Joe as an advocate and judge for the industry.

Pink Pints

Another long standing beer advocate in BC, who also happens to be a Cicerone. Pink Pints hosts regular craft beer dinners and cask events and supports the growing movement for women in the industry.

Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know and we'll update the list!


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