BC Craft Beer For Father's Day

Let's face it, dads love beer. That's a fact as sure as the Earth is round. But sometimes, dad can be hard to shop for, and that includes trying to pick out craft beer he'll enjoy.

No worries, we've got your back. Even if you didn't get a chance to order our special Father's Day pack for the month of June, there are still some beer you can source yourself to make dad smile on Father's Day.

Mt. Begbie Cream Ale

Honestly this should be on more people's radar. Mt. Begbie has been a quality brewer for years, and just doesn't get the exposure they deserve. Go with the Cream Ale, it's sure to appeal to pretty much anyone that appreciates a good beer.

Powell Street Old Jalopy Pale Ale

A strong contender for possibly the best English style Pale Ale in the province. Powell Street has practically perfected what it takes to make a smooth drinking English malt beer with some West Coast influence.

Steel and Oak Roselle Wheat Ale

A brand new flagship from Steel and Oak, the Roselle is a German style wheat ale that includes Hibiscus and Rose Hips to add floral and fruit notes with a slightly tart finish. Don't let the floral scare you away, this is easy to drink and perfect for summer.

Big Rock Mosaic India Pale Lager

Brewed using BC based hops, this is a light lager that has a much more forward hop palate than you'd expect. It's something totally different, yet still easily crushable.

Postmark Stout

We featured this beer in our very first month but it's worth revisiting as it is a very approachable stout that can suit pretty much any occasion or time of year. Pours dark, but drinks light. That's a tough balance to achieve.

Of course you could also get dad a subscription to Pint Post, and we'll take care of the rest!


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