June's Offering- Beer for Dad

For the month of June we decided why not pair our selection with Father's Day and create a box that really speaks to the old man in all of us. That lead us to three beers that feature smoke, smoothness and a touch of bourbon.

Steel and Oak Smoked Hefeweizen

Steel and Oak only release this special Hefeweizen seasonally, and it's not only one of their very first beers, but also one of their best. Take a traditional Hefeweizen and add a smoked oak characteristic to it and you get a unique and well balanced beer.

Bridge Brewing Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale

Can't call this beer boring! With an actual infusion of Bourbon along with blood orange to round out the palate this was once a unique collaboration beer that became a staple for the brewery; that's how well received this beer is!

Mt. Begbie Cream Ale

We legitimately challenge you to find a better cream ale in Canada. Go ahead, we can wait...Mt. Begbie is the real deal and have been making this cream ale for over 20 years, so they've perfected the craft.


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