May's Offering- BC Hop Superstars

Hops, they are an essential part of beer, but also can be a very divisive subject; some people LOVE hops, others will avoid hoppy beer like the plague. For this month, we wanted to showcase just how diverse BC hops can be. They aren't there just to make your beer bitter, they're there to make it better!

Moody Ales Affable IPA

The first of two 60 IBU beers in this box, the Affable IPA is hopped late in the process to give it a piney, floral bouquet. Because the hops are late, this beer is all about a powerful smell paired with a more subtle taste. 

Powell Street Ode to Citra Pale Ale

Focusing on one specific hop varietal, the Citra hop, this amber coloured Pale Ale is a perfect example of how approachable hops can be. It's not bitter, and instead offers notes of citrus and passionfruit with a malt finish.

Strathcona Brewing British IPA

The other 60 IBU beer, this will drink entirely different than the Moody IPA. In part due to the focus on brewing an English style IPA, which favours a balance between hop and malt, more than our North American hop forward counterparts. Particularly different is this IPA bears little to no fruit notes.


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