Pint Post Relaunches With Legacy Liquor Partnership

Pint Post is pleased to announce that after a few months on hiatus, we are back in business and are once again shipping the best BC craft beer available to your door!

During our time off, we were hard at work developing a new partnership with Legacy Liquor, which we are excited to be sharing with you now. This partnership brings Pint Post to a new level of operation, allowing us to source more product from more breweries across the province and reach more communities.

How does this affect you? Well, Pint Post will continue to be the same great service it was already, with the added support of Legacy behind us. We will be shipping through Legacy which overall should improve delivery times. We also have a strong team of beer experts on board to create monthly packages that we hope you will enjoy. 

As we grow we also hope to look at expanding our services and offering packages for even rarer and exclusive beer offerings.

For now, all you have to do is restart your account and confirm your shipping and billing information, so we can once again start delivering craft beer to your door. 

In the coming months we will have more information about new products and opportunities so stay tuned!


- The Pint Post team


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