Some Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to grow, there have been a number of questions that have come up often enough that we wanted to address them all in one place. Hopefully these will help resolve any issues you have, but if they don't, we are always available to help at

How does billing/subscription fees work?

This is by far the single most asked question. Here's the breakdown. Every customer is automatically signed in for recurring payments scheduled on the first of every month. Please don't change your shipping or billing dates in your customer profile, those are pre-set and help us keep track of the number of orders per month.

New orders will be sent the following months subscription (ie. purchases in June are treated as July's orders). All new orders must be completed by the 1st of the month to qualify for that month. Meaning if you submit an order on June 2nd, you're getting July's box.

How do I pause/cancel?

Pausing for a month or more, or cancelling outright can be done through your customer portal. Again, it's important that you cancel prior to being billed on the 1st, otherwise you will receive that month's box. Resuming a subscription is just as easy, just set your subscription back to active in your profile and you'll be good to go for the next shipment.

What if I'm not home during the day for delivery?

That's not a problem; we use a shipping carrier, generally Canada Post, and if you aren't home when they attempt delivery they will leave a notice and you can pick up your box at the nearest shipping office at your convenience. Just be sure to bring ID proving you're of legal drinking age!

When should I expect delivery?

We ship out our boxes around mid-month, you will receive a shipping notice that your package is on it's way and it takes anywhere from 2-5 days depending on your location.

I want to order this as a gift, what should I do?

While we don't have a dedicated gift option at the moment (we're working on it), there's a simple 'hack' you can employ. Simply sign up and enter your billing details, then set the shipping information for your gift recipient. You will be billed on a monthly basis, and can go in and pause/cancel or better yet, transfer the billing information over to the giftee whenever you want. So for someone that wants a three-month gift, simply cancel that subscription after the third month.

Isn't this a little expensive for three bombers?

We don't expect to be able to compete with straight liquor store sales, and yes you could go buy three bombers for a cheaper price. We see our value in two areas: One, we're offering direct to home delivery every month, which can be invaluable for some and just convenient for others; two, we hand pick select craft beer every month for you to experience something different. Hopefully they are beers you haven't tried before, or maybe haven't even heard of.

At the end of the day, adding up the cost of beer, shipping, packaging, etc. we're offering our service at the lowest price point we possibly can. After all, we're doing this for the love of craft beer, not to get rich.

Is there a way to customize?

At the moment, we're leaning on our craft beer experts to put together monthly packages that we hope help you grow and develop your appreciation of BC beer. Customization is something we may explore down the line as we get more customer feedback.

Hopefully that answers some of your lingering questions!


-- Pint Post Team



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